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 Posted: Thu May 21st, 2015 07:00 am
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Blazer wrote:

Aug 27, 1976. I was four years old. Tag match starts around the 7:50 mark. Really cool to see Old Comiskey Park in the footage.

Thanks for the link Blazer. It was great watching the old footage again.

Two other things i remember about this.

1. There was a 6 man tag match with The High Flyers & Wilbur Snyder beating Ox Baker, Mad Dog Vachon and Baron Von Rashcke. In TV interviews leading up to the match Ox Baker kept saying that his team was without question the best looking team of all time. The end of the match saw Vachon and Von Rashcke each hit Baker by mistake...right after one another. Ox got mad and left the ring. The High Flyers double drop kicked Vachon for the pin while Baron and Snyder were going at it.

2. We found out there was a card at Rockford Boylan HS Field the next night so we decided to go. Had no idea who was on the card but we went anyway. About 10 miles before Rockford there's a stalled car on the side of the road and we see it's Ox with 3 of his groupies. I knew them from before because they were always driving Ox everywhere and they were always at the matches. Huge girls. They were nicknamed the Ox-ettes. Well we helped get them started and we followed them to the field.
We pull in and we met Crusher and told him he and Bruiser were robbed the night before. He grumbled something and went in the locker room. Then Larry Hennig came out of his car and I asked him why wasn't he on the Comiskey park card the night before. He got really kind of angry and said, "What Comiskey card?" and we told him all about it and he was steamed. His final words before he went in were, "Wait til I find out why I wasn't on that fuckin' card!" He was probably mad because he missed a good payoff.

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