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 Posted: Thu May 21st, 2015 07:45 pm
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tamalie wrote: Chitown Rich wrote: 3. SuperClash 1985... throw this one in too. Many stars and too good of a card not to go. I may have been the only one in attendance that was glad to see Crusher, Bruiser & Rashcke instead of Rhodes & The Rock & Roll Express.

5. Soldier Field 1972... the cage match was fantastic but Soldier Field was probbaly the worst place I ever saw a card in.

What was the background to Dick The Bruiser, The Crusher, and Baron Von Raschke being in the six man tag team match against Ivan and Nikita Koloff and Krusher Khrushchev instead of Dusty Rhodes and the Rock & Roll Express?

I have a good idea why, but could you elaborate on what made Soldier Field such a bad venue?

I have no idea why Crusher, Bruiser and Baron were added. I think it had to do with Bruiser & Crusher were wrestling gods in Chicago and Verne added them into the match. Plus they knew Baron would do the job with no questions asked. When the card was first announced it was Rhodes and The Rock and Roll Express for maybe a week being announced. Next week I watched and it was Bruiser , Crusher & Baron. Anyway to me it was great seeing them together one last time even though you  know they had no chance of winning the belts.

Soldier Field was too damn big for a card. No public transportation to speak of as it's right on Lake Shore Drive. Also it was held on a Labor Day weekend. There was an announced crowd of 12,000. Bruiser & Crusher vs the Blackjacks sold out the Amphitheatre a few times without the cage and here it's a cage  match with Gagne vs Koloff and you don't draw that much more. Something was wrong. Andre also made his debut on this card and there was a lot of talent but something didn't click. If I remember right the prices were outrageous for the time also. That 12,000 attendance was like having 20,000 paid with normal ticket pricing at the time.

There's a thread on KM about why the card failed to draw more and why Soldier Field wasn't such a great place to hold it. I'll try to find it.