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 Posted: Tue May 26th, 2015 10:48 pm
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Atomic Knee Drop - Bob Backlund
Swinging Neck Breaker - Ken Patera
The lariat - Stan Hansen
Polish hammer - Ivan Putski
Kamikazee Clthesline - Mr. Fuji
Flying Hammerlock - George Steele

Stan Stasiak - Heart Punch
Bobby Duncum - Sleeper
Jimmy Snuka - Superfly Splash
Ivan Koloff - Kneedrop from Top Rope (early WWWF) - Russian Neckbreaker (later WWF)
Gorilla Monsoon - Airplane spin/ big splash
The Samoans - Samoan Drop

Beej, I need to mention that I don't think that the Samoans should be in the WWWF contest, since they made their debut in mid to late 1979, after they dropped the second W, I believe.  If I'm correct, I think you should award me bonus points to make up for the dicking I got with my Bulldog Brower answer. 

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