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When the AWA was first formed, Verne still travelled quite a bit. One of the places he wrestled a lot was Detroit. Notice Detroit did not recognize the AWA Title. Instead Verne competed for the US Title in Detroit.

10/29/60 Detroit
Verne Gagne & Yukon Eric beat Dick The Bruiser & Raoul Romero
Killer Kowalski beat Pepper Gomez
Joe Brunetti beat Ray Shire
Roy Shire beat Guy Brunetti
Luis Martinez beat Tom Zaharias

12/30/60 Olympia Stadium Detroit
Dick The Bruiser & Killer Kowalski drew Verne Gagne & Argentina Rocca 2/3
Wilbur Snyder beat Ernie Dusek
Jack Pesek beat George McArthur
Emile Dupre drew Larry Hamilton
Dick Garza drew Luis Martinez
A- 5,178

4/15/61 Detroit Olympia Stadium
US Champion Dick The Bruiser beat Leo Nomellini on a 3rd fall COR
Gene Big Daddy Lipscomb beat Frank Valois
Verne Gagne beat Gene Kiniski
Bobo Brazil beat Bill Miller
Killer Kowalski beat Emil Dupre
Prince Koko beat Jack Allen (sub Bruno Sammartino)
Johnny Weaver beat Joe Swiderski
att: 5,672

6/23/61 Detroit, MI @ Briggs Stadium
US Champion Dick The Bruiser beat Bobo Brazil 2/3
NWA Champion Pat O'Connor beat Don Leo Jonathan
Verne Gagne beat Kinji Shibuya
Haystack Calhoun drew Killer Kowalski
Bob Ellis beat Roy Shire
Red & Lou Bastien drew Art Neilson & Ray Shire
Sheik of Araby beat Emil Dupre
Johnny Weaver beat Taro Myaki
Cowboy Bradley & Lord Littlebrook beat Bull Brummel & Tiny Roe
att: 11,097, gate: $36,866.

7/21/61 Hazel Park, MI @ Hazel Park Race Track
Verne Gagne beat Dick The Bruiser to win US Title
Yukon Eric & Haystack Calhoun vs Don Leo Jonathan & Killer Kowalski
Bobo Brazil vs Judo Jack Terry

8/30/61 Detroit
US Champion Verne Gagne beat Dick The Bruiser
NWA Champion Buddy Rogers vs Ray Stern

9/23/61 Detroit
Dick The Bruiser beat Verne Gagne to regain US Title 2/3
Wilbur Snyder beat Killer Kowalski
Stan Neilson drew Sonny Weaver
Bobo Brazil & Bearcat Wright beat Bronco Lubich & Angelo Poffo
Fritz Von Erich beat Dan O’Shocker
Art Neilson vs Johnny Weaver

10/14/61 Detroit
Texas Death Match
Dick The Bruiser & Killer Kowalski no contest Wilbur Snyder & Verne Gagne
Fritz Von Erich vs Bearcat Wright
Cowboy Bob Ellis vs Angelo Poffo
Pedro Godoy vs Bobo Brazil
Hercules Romero vs Bronko Lubich

12/29/62 Detroit
Special Referee: Verne Gagne
US Champion Lord Layton beat Dick The Bruiser dq when Bruiser knocked out Gagne
Lou Thesz beat Steve Stanlee (sub Mark Lewin)
Czaja Nandor beat Angelo Poffo
Bearcat Wright beat Taro Sakuro
Sweet Daddy Siki beat Great Kudo
Ray Stern beat Nicoli Volkoff
The Mongol beat Tim Geohagen
Sam Steamboat beat Don Jardine
Rudy Kay beat Pierre LaBelle
Att 15,267

1/19/63 Detroit
One wrestling show bred another when Dick the Bruiser failed to reach Detroit because of bad flying weather. His bout with
Verne Gagne was rescheduled for monday night (with a new supporting card) and promoter Johnny Doyle said any of the 7,018
spectators may get in free by presenting their ticket stubs.
Verne Gagne beat Mark Lewin
Fritz Von Erich beat Czaja Nandor 2/3
The Sheik no contest Bearcat Wright
Rudy Kay drew Alberto Torres
Ramon Torres beat Pierre LaBelle
Emile Dupre drew Chief Kit Fox

1/21/63 Detroit
Verne Gagne drew Dick The Bruiser
Mark Lewin drew Ray Stern
Ray Stevens beat Alberto Torres
Bill Miller beat Ramon Torres
Czaja Nandor beat Pierre LaBelle
Kit Fox beat Rudy Kay
att: 7,000

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