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 Posted: Sun Dec 2nd, 2007 09:38 pm
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srossi wrote:
Well why would Verne give Hansen the belt?  That was even dumber.  These promoters saw dollar signs in pushing these guys to the max and didn't have the foresight to predict the inevitable problems.  Promoters are arrogant pricks who are marks for their own product and their own belts.  They didn't care about or understand Japan.  The wrestlers back then were the true businessmen who wiped their asses with these belts and just wanted to make their money.  Guys like Gagne never gor that.  He's just thinking "Hey, it doesn't get better than being AWA World champion so what's your problem!"  Of course it's probably the opposite now where so many guys are marks for the belt or the push and sacrifice money for it.

Saying Verne Gagne lacked foresight is like saying...

fill in your own punchline.

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