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 Posted: Sat Aug 1st, 2015 08:42 am
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I've been thinking about this one a lot tonight since the news ruined my dinner.  This is probably the big one for me.  I was a fan of wrestling when I was really young at the tail end of the Backlund days and into the beginning of Hulkamania, and I always say that my first favorite wrestler was Masked Superstar, but I was still very much a casual fan then.  It's safe to say that I became obsessed with wrestling in 1985-1986 and it was because of one guy and one guy only: Roddy Piper.  If he wasn't in the WWF at the time, I don't know if I would've stuck with it as I got older.  I would look forward all week to a 3 minute segment of Piper's Pit and that was pretty much the highlight of the shows to me. 

I always cheered for the heels as a kid and was excited when Piper finally turned face, and everything surrounding the build-up to Piper-Adonis at WMIII, all those Pit and Flower Shop segments, basically stand out as my favorite stuff.  I lost my voice cheering for Piper at WMIII even though I was only watching on closed circuit TV, about 1,500 miles from where the event was taking place, and the match in retrospect was a 7-minute clunker, but at the time that was what I was there to see, not Hogan-Andre or even Savage-Steamboat.  I still remember that "last" Pit where he took the pictures off the set and they played the "My Way" music video, the first great WWF video I ever saw.          

It was sad when he lost his mic skills around the time of his WCW comeback, but I'll always remember him as the best talker in the history of the business, and even as crazy as he got in later years, I always enjoyed the very genuine sense of danger and absolute batshit craziness that he gave off, even right to the end on Legends House when he wandered off into the night for no particular reason and I figured that it couldn't be scripted because it's just too crazy for anyone to think of scripting. 

R.I.P. Hot Rod.  It's officially the end of an era where no one else in wrestling, or in any other walk of life, will ever be allowed to do or say half the shit you got away with. 

This thread was great before AA ruined it.