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 Posted: Sat Aug 1st, 2015 04:16 pm
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First time I saw Piper was late 81-82 when he was a commentator on Georgia Championship Wrestling. Next time I saw him was when he came to WWF. Read about him in PWI. I remember that bloody picture they showed of Piper's Ear.

I think Piper's Pit is what made Piper in the WWF. The guy hardly wrestled on TV, but his mouth made the fans want to see the faces punch his lights out. With out the Pit I don't think he would became as big as he did.

The Pit was Must watch TV. Everything could happen on a pit.

Piper had a hand in almost all the Big Angles between 84-87. The Rock and Wrestling connection started on Piper's Pit. Andre The Giant turned on Hogan on the Pit.

I saw Piper wrestle only once in 84 it was in a tag match with Cowboy Bob vs Sunka & Tonga Kid. Piper and Cowboy all most started a riot because they hurt the kid's leg and had to be stretched out.

He was to Wrestle Hogan in Hershey in 85. The story line is Bobby The Brain paid Piper to give up the shot so Studd could have it. So the match was changed. Find out way later the real reason was so he could wrestle in Portland.

I say Piper is the best Heel ever since I started watching wrestling. Also without Piper Wrestlemania would not have done as good as it did.

"22 years of my fucking life just got fucking ruined!!!!"---Fan outside Wrestlemania XXX

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