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 Posted: Fri Aug 7th, 2015 11:29 pm
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Blazer wrote: Was just pondering something....was it Wrestlemania 6 or 7 that is considered the "cursed" mania? I believe it was WM6. Add Dusty and Piper to the list...up to 14 now.
It's funny, because I believe WM VI is the so called "cursed" one, but WM VII isn't any better.  By my calcs, 14 of the 41 who participated in some form at WM VI are dead (34%), while 32% (15 of 47) of those that were at WM VII are dead.  

Here's the list:
At both WM VI and VII:  Andre, Bossman, Earthquake, Hercules, Perfect, Piper, Savage, Sherri, Warrior
At WM VI but not at VII:  Bad News Brown, Elizabeth, Rhodes, Rude, Sapphire
At WM VII but not at VI:  Paul Bearer, Bravo, Bulldog, Crush, Hawk, Kerry von Erich

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