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 Posted: Sat Aug 8th, 2015 05:53 am
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srossi wrote: Blazer wrote: Actually Bravo worked WM6. I miscounted originally because I forgot about Bad News. I think the count for WM6 is 15.

Not to be crass, but skimming down the lineup, there are a few guys that are in bad shape now (Heenan and Superfly, perhaps Jake). Crazy sad.

It was also 25 years ago now and some of those guys weren't even that young then. At s certain point it becomes less surprising when everyone dies. Everyone who played in the 1905 World Series is dead now, but I don't consider the event cursed. 

There's a world of difference between what your saying and the reality of the situation.  Haven't done the math, but the average age of the deceased from WM VI and VII is probably somewhere around 45.  It's not like these guys and ladies passed away peacefully in their sleep in the old folks home.  Hell, I think Dusty lived the longest of the crew, and he was only 69.  Piper's probably second, and he was only 61.  Two months ago, the average was probably closer to 41 or 42.  
Point is, it seems to me hard living/other poor life decisions had more to do with the death of this 20 rather than simply the passage of time.

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