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 Posted: Tue Aug 18th, 2015 06:49 am
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beejmi wrote: Some great handicapping by Blazer and AA.
I have been thinking about this though and this 'week long' schmoz is only worth one point.
I was thinking 'next year' (or let's say 'hockey season') - if someone wins by picking winners 5 straight nights that should be worth 5 points. And if you win one round where everyone is cooked after 2 nights, then that would be worth 2 points.
Etc. Something like this late in the season should be meaningful. Thoughts?

What is the longest matchup that has occurred since this was started?  Didn't really participate last season I don't think but it seems to me while checking that a couple must have gone longer.  If picking winners 5 nights in a row isn't a common occurrence then maybe it should be rewarded in some way.

Some thoughts:

If a matchup ends up being a one and done where there is only one winner on day one that should probably be 2 points.

Bonus points could be added at the end of the season for the longest streak of wins within  a matchup, like this one going 9 days.  If this was the longest for the season then the bonus points could be the number of correct picks it took to win.

There could be points awarded for back to back wins in matchups as well.  If someone wins twice in a row then the 2nd win is worth 2 points and if someone were to win 3 matchups in a row(don't know if it has ever happened) win number 3 could be worth 3 points, etc.

Maybe a bonus point if you win a round with the team that has the worst record in baseball that day.

Some stuff like that. 

This thread was great till Rossi posted that AA ruined it.

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