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 Posted: Sat Aug 29th, 2015 01:38 am
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Angelic Assassin wrote: CanadianHorseman wrote: Angelic Assassin wrote: CanadianHorseman wrote: Angelic Assassin wrote: Weren't you supposed to be on a break?

Sorry I let my personal crap ruin your day.
it's always darkest before it goes completely black.;)

if you wake up it's a pretty good day already.  Things will get better.

Trust me - things were as black as black can possibly be a few weeks ago. Things still suck big time these days as I'm still trying to get used to stuff that I haven't had to for the last 15 years which is a little bit scary for me. 
None of my business at all but since there are experts on everything these days there's probably someone out there that can help.
If it's any consolation, i don't think the Bruins will be as bad as people are trying to make out.:) 

Yeah - I'm not the type to go and spill all my problems to somebody getting paid to feign interest. I like keeping everything bottled up inside until one day I can't take the voices in my head any longer and I just EXPLODE !!!!!!!