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 Posted: Mon Oct 13th, 2008 04:51 am
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Ok, quick refresher here. Contest runs until the end of the month (no questions posted on Sundays) ~ but two questions a day otherwise. 4 points if you are the first with the right answer, 3 points if you are second, 2 points for the third person with the right answer, etc.

Two questions a day (one AM and one PM)

Most points at the end of the month gets a $25 e-gift certificate to Carson's Pro Wrestling World (which you can shop online at

Let's get to business fellow WWWFers

1. When Gorilla Monsoon debuted in the territory, he was not billed as being from "Willingboro, New Jersey" like he was in his later/good guy years.

Where was Monsoon originally announced as being from?