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 Posted: Sat Oct 10th, 2015 05:22 am
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The Anaheim Ducks could use a long run in the playoffs this season.

Not only is the club looking to make good on a string of regular-season success under head coach Bruce Boudreau, but the extra ticket revenue would be nice for owner Henri Samueli, who admitted the Ducks aren't exactly flying high financially.

"The only thing I'll say is our losses are in the double-digit millions," Samueli told Elliot Teaford of the Los Angeles Daily News.

"It would be nice to break even some day," added his wife, Susan.

Still, the Samuelis maintained their commitment to owning the franchise, which they've done for 10 years. On top of that, they said they're willing to give management enough to spend on player contracts in order to put the best possible product on the ice.

The Samuelis appear to support the belief that winning breeds increased passion among fans, so the pursuit of the Stanley Cup remains the top priority in Anaheim.

"In a market like this, you have to put a winning team on the ice to get a fan base," Samueli said. "We made it clear that from Day 1, that's going to be our mission in life, to put competitive teams on the ice. It's just a culture that's been built in the organization."

The Ducks ranked 20th in average home attendance last season and finished tied for the third most points in the NHL.