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 Posted: Wed Oct 15th, 2008 04:54 pm
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We're ready for the "PM" question.

Srossi has tied Lobo for second this morning all the while El Olympico adding another point to his standings advantage.

El Olympico 15

Lobo 9

Srossi 9

DogFacedgremlin 4

FreebirdsForever 4

Sin 3

DCsoulchild 2

Carpetbeggar 1

Wong Lee 1

 Let's see how well you know your Madison Square Garden one-shot-deals.

One of the things that made Madison Square Garden "The Mecca" was that top talent from outside the area was brought in to fortify the already-solid lineups. In many cases the wrestler from outside the territory appeared just once before the MSG crowd.

The following (below - List A) are wrestlers that appeared at Madison Square Garden in this type of "special guest" capacity. The list below them (List B) are the names of the opponents that this group of wrestlers wrestled. Match the Opponents (List B) with the men they wrestled (List A) in one of these special "one shot deals".

List A (The Attractions)

Tiger Mask

Steve Keirn

El Canek

Tommy Rich

David Von Erich


List B (The Opponents)

Dynamite Kid

Johnny Rodz

Jose Estrada

Larry Sharpe

Davey O Hannon