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 Posted: Thu Jan 14th, 2016 12:04 am
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One of the more interesting tidbits that Backlund discusses is the tension between Inoki and Vince Sr. over how to present him in NY.  Vince Sr. wanted him to come in as a foreign heel like all the others to get his main event run with Backlund, but Inoki wanted to show the footage back in Japan and insisted on coming in as a babyface.  Vince Sr. wanted the relationship with NJPW to work out and conceded, but refused to ever give Inoki his big title shot at the Garden.  Backlund went into great detail talking about the Japan title switch and how NJPW kind of made up the "help-up" title thing themselves thinking that it would get Inoki his match at MSG on the Dec. card that was going to be simulcast in Japan.  But Vince Sr. still refused because his priority was selling out the Garden and he didn't think Inoki would draw, so he booked the "held-up" title match between Backlund and Bobby Duncum instead, with Inoki facing Hussein Arab (Iron Sheik) on the undercard.  Backlund says Vince Sr. was 100% right because even against Sheik during the hostage crisis, Inoki wasn't over that night in NY at all.  Backlund joked that he can't imagine how the Japanese announcers made sense of the title situation to the NJPW fans.  Backlund also mentioned that the title loss in Japan was completely approved by Vince Sr. though, but for years Backlund would pretend it was a screwjob at fan conventions and in shoot interviews just to have fun. 

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