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 Posted: Fri Jan 15th, 2016 10:48 pm
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Superstar wrote: What's a shame to me is that had he continued doing what he'd done for the prior 6-7 years, he would have been an extremely interesting guy to have on the card whether as a secondary babyface (considering the touring schedule, he'd have made a lot of cash), or if Vince finally convinced him to somehow turn heel and fight Hogan.

I wonder if he'd have been up for that, though.  Yes, he did shots in Florida, St. Louis, and Japan as WWF champ, but he seemed to relish living in Connecticut, where most of the WWF territory was driveable for him, where he could get home most nights.  I think the grind of WWF travel in the second half of the 80s would have been a huge turnoff for him.