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 Posted: Mon Oct 20th, 2008 03:54 pm
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beejmi wrote: The points on this have already been scored but feel free to bat around some of your favorite nicknames. A few that were probably too easy but were good ones ~ "The Russian Bear", "The Animal", "The Eighth Wonder of the World"

“Wild Bull of The Pampas” – Pampero Firpo

“Popeye” – Chuck Richards

“The Big Cat” – Ernie Ladd

“Maniac” – John Tolos & Mike Conrad

“Duke of Dorchester” – Pete Doherty

“The Guiding Light” – Lou Albano

“The Continental Nobleman” – Joe Turco

“Spaceman” – Frank Hickey

“Cyclone” – Manuel Soto

“Dynamite” – Jack Evans