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 Posted: Sat Feb 20th, 2016 03:22 am
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My buddies and I were playing a touch football game in the street and I ran into the intersection to try to catch a TD pass and a car just missed me. It was the future wife driving her Duster in my neighborhood with 3 of her friends.

She got out of the car and one word led to another. We were cursing each other out and her and her 3 friends said they would accept my apology if I could get 3 of my buddies and I to go on a date with them the  next night. It wound up being at a place called Lindy's Chili on Archer Avenue.

4 couples went on the date. The results were one couple just went on the one date. Another couple dated about a year and split up. The third couple got married 2 years later but divorced after a few more years.

Me? Still married 37 years later.

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