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 Posted: Fri Feb 26th, 2016 09:15 pm
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HBF wrote: dogfacedgremlin34 wrote: dogfacedgremlin34 wrote: Maybe it was just a Trump supporter using it as a handkerchief so he could wipe away the tears of sorrow caused by the thrashing that jelly-filled blowhard took at the GOP debate last night. 
Looking at this, I must really hate Trump if he's got me rooting for someone like Rubio. RUBIO! FUCKING RUBIO!

Christ on a bike.
You vote left, right? 
The only moderates on that stage last night were Kasich, who is perfectly reasonable and the most qualified to be President, and Trump. Trump, however, does not state what his policies are, but he's certainly closer to the left (or moderate, as I prefer), than Rubio, Cruz or Carson.  

On another topic, what is your guys take on Kasich? Is he really in this to try and win the Presidential nomination or be the VP?  Carson?  Same?

If I would ever vote for any one of the 5 GOP remaining, Kasich would be the only one I'd even entertain the notion of voting for.  

Trump may indeed be more left or moderate than the rest, but he is also a goddamn lunatic, has failed at least as often (if not more often) than he's succeeded, and seems like he's legitimately a pretty horrible human being.  Only if I was suicidal and hoped my life would end in nuclear holocaust would I ever support that frigging guy.

"I'm putting your worthless fucking ass on ignore so I don't have to read anymore of your pompous arrogant New York big shot bullshit. Good fucking riddance, fuckhead."-Angelic Assassin to rossi