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 Posted: Fri Feb 26th, 2016 09:02 pm
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BlueThunder wrote: HBF wrote: Trump last night did one thing that nobody EVER does running GOP-said he's courting the democratic vote. That's why he has a chance.

Bingo! I caught that as well with his responses to Planned Parenthood and Health Care. Cruz is getting so desperate that he's going to the right of Trump on the immigration issue. I also noticed that Kasich might be angling for VP, which explains why he didn't throw bombs yesterday.

Kasich is the most logical VP candidate at this point.  It's amazing how he went from one of the faceless thousands running for President to being where he is.  He has no chance to win the nomination but has positioned himself very well.  His role will be to play "good cop" to whichever lunatic wins, and try to unite the GOP. 

The problem, of course, is that a lot of Republicans just aren't going to vote period because they've been marginalized during this whole process and Kasich isn't nearly dynamic enough to bring them out, and a ton of Democrats won't turn out for Hillary, so it's really going to be interesting who those 36 people who actually vote decide will be our next President. 

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