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 Posted: Mon Feb 29th, 2016 07:39 pm
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The latest information makes all this even clearer.  On Feb. 7, Super Bowl Sunday, MSNBC asked Harris-Perry to spend her entire show covering the election in an attempt to boost ratings for a sagging show.  She could say whatever she wanted, but they wanted election coverage, period.  Harris-Perry refused and demanded that she be allowed to speak about Beyonc√©'s single "Formation" that was released the previous day and that Beyonc√© wound up performing at the Super Bowl that day.  MSNBC didn't feel that a discussion of a political pop song would be as interesting as election coverage and there was an argument.  They had a back-and-forth with Harris-Perry throwing a temper tantrum, and she won and talked about what she wanted.  It was then that MSNBC decided to pre-empt her show for the next 2 weeks to have additional election coverage since she had refused to do her job and provide the programming that her employer wanted her to.  A shock, I know, that an employee got in trouble for insubordination.  

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