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 Posted: Wed Oct 22nd, 2008 04:43 pm
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Larry Zbyszko - (Turned Heel)Turned on his mentor Bruno Sammartino during a "scientific match" between the two,, evetually hitting him with a chair.

Peter Maivia - (Turned heel)Walked out on his partner Jay Stronbow in tag match with the Lumberjacks and turned on Bob Backlund in a tag match against Victor Rivera and Spiros Arion. "What Happened?"

Jimmy Snuka - (Turned Face)Turned good guy when he was treated poorly by Lou Albano, His manager and Buddy Rogers helped Jimmy see the error of his ways, then becoming his manager

Pat Patterson - (Turned face)Got mad when his contract was sold to Lou Albano by The grand Wizard. Pat Hated Albano

Spiros Arion - (Turned Heel)
In a match against Killer Kowalski Chief Jay Strongbow interfered on behalf of Arion. After Arion gets dis-qualified he turns on Strongbow and feuds with Strongbow & Sammartino.Turned heel against Bruno Sammartino his partner and went with Freddie Blassie as his manager.