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 Posted: Mon Mar 28th, 2016 05:20 am
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Steve Yohe & Don Luce are cranking these out over on WC the Thesz section.

These are all 1957 Chicago at The Marigold Arena on the north side of Chicago.

March 2, 1957
US Champ Wilbur Snyder beat Stu Gibson
Hans Schmidt beat Sammy Ford
The Volkoffs beat Mahmout Youseff & Maurice Robierre
Emile Dupree beat Duke Demetri
Jerry Christy beat Don Cortez
Zach Malkov beat Jerry Gordet

March 30, 1957
US Champ Wilbur Snyder beat Aldo Bogni
Nicoli Volkoff beat Angelo Poffo
Reggie & Stan Lisowski beat Johnny Carlin & Jerry Gordet
Emile Dupree beat Gypsy Joe by DQ
Dick Garza beat al warshawski
Hans Hermann drew Carl Engstrom

April 20, 1957
US Champ Wilbur Snyder beat Angelo Poffo
Dick the Bruiser beat Zach Malkov
The Volkoffs beat Roy Rogers & Emile Dupree
Bozo Brown beat Gino Angelo
Bill Melby beat Johnny Swenski
Gypsy Joe drew Jerry Cordet

April 27, 1957
US Champ Wilbur Snyder beat Bozo Brown
Stan Lisowski beat Rocky Monroe
Billy Goelz & Jerry Cordet beat Zach Malkov & Danny Ferrazza
Johnny Gilbert beat Gino Angelo
Jerry Christy beat Al Warshawski

May 25, 1957
Dick the Bruiser & Hans Schmidt beat The Lisowskis by DQ
US Champ Wilbur Snyder beat Carl Engstrom
Billy Goelz beat Bozo Brown
Jerry Christy beat Al Szasz
Zach Malkov beat Jerry Cordet

August 31, 1957
Wilbur Snyder beat Angelo Poffo
Bobby Managoff beat Duke Demetri
Larry Chene drew Billy Goelz
Pedro Godoy & Luis Martinez beat Bozo Brown & Al Szasz

Sept 14, 1957
Wilbur Snyder drew Don Leo Jonathon
Stan Lisowski beat Zach Malkov
Pedro Godoy beat Gino Angelo
Carl Engstrom beat Danny Ferrazza

November 9, 1957
Dick the Bruiser & Angelo Poffo beat Wilbur Snyder & Bobby Managoff
Don Leo Jonathon beat Tony Silipini
Billy Goelz drew Carl Engstrom
Ralph Bartleman beat Bozo Brown

November 30, 1957
US Champ Wilbur Snyder beat Boris Volkoff 2-1 in falls
Bobby Managoff drew Nicoli Volkoff
Ivan the Terrible beat Billy Two Rivers
Carl Engstrom & Tony Silipinini beat beat Gino Angelo & Bronko Lubich
Alberto Godoy beat jack Allen

December 14, 1957
Wilbur Snyder NC Boris Volkoff in a 2/3 fall match
Ivan the Terrible & Gino Angelo beat Billy Goelz & Alberto Godoy
Midget tag match
Billy Two Rivers beat Kurt Von Hess

December 28, 1957
Ivan the Terrible beat Wilbur Snyder
Reggie Lisowski beat Luis Martinez
Alberto Godoy beat Ned Taylor
Sharon Lass & Rose Roman beat Joan Ballard & Ramona TeSelle