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 Posted: Wed Oct 22nd, 2008 06:48 pm
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Larry Zbyszko - (Turned Heel)Turned on his mentor Bruno Sammartino during a "scientific match" between the two. Match ends when Larry gives Bruno chairshots, & the feud is on.

Peter Maivia - (Turned heel)Walked out on his partner Jay Stronbow in tag match with the Lumberjacks and turned on Bob Backlund in a tag match against Victor Rivera and Spiros Arion. "What Happened?"

Jimmy Snuka - (Turned Face) Buddy Rogers accuses Lou Albano of mis-managing Snuka's
finances. Snuka asks Rogers to be his manager as Albano storms off in a hissy fit.
Snuka is later attacked by Albano & Ray Stevens. The beat down ends with Stevens pile driving
Snuka on the cement floor & leaving the Superfly in a bloody mess.

Pat Patterson - (Turned face)Got mad when his contract was sold to Lou Albano by The grand Wizard. Pat Hated Albano

Spiros Arion - (Turned Heel)
In a match against Killer Kowalski Chief Jay Strongbow interfered on behalf of Arion. After Arion gets dis-qualified he turns on Strongbow and feuds with Strongbow & Sammartino.Turned heel against Bruno Sammartino his partner and went with Freddie Blassie as his manager.