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 Posted: Wed Oct 22nd, 2008 10:50 pm
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Larry Zbyszko - Feeling that his mentor is casting a shadow on him, Larry challenges Bruno to a scientific match on TV.  Sammartino reluctantly agrees.  During the match, Bruno does not wrestle all out which frustrates Zbyszko to the point of breaking the rules and busting a wooden chair across the head of Sammartiino.

Peter Maivia - Feeling that he has been used since he's entered into the WWWF, Maivia attacks Arnold Skaaland and Bob Backlund during a tag match against Spiros Arion and Victor Rivera.  A few nights later, Maivia jumps Chief Jay Strongbow and leaves him during their tag team title match against the Yukon Lumberjacks at MSG.

Jimmy Snuka - After suffering verbal abuse for months from Lou Albano, Snuka gets word from Buddy Rogers that Albano had no valid contract with him and that Albano robbed all of Snuka's money.  Snuka then asks Rogers to manage him, which Rogers will accept in time.  Snuka, then, gets jumped by Albano, Fred Blassie and Ray Stevens prior to a scheduled TV match against Stevens.  The result is a busted forehead and neck injuries substain from a piledriver on the cement floor by Stevens

Pat Patterson - Lou Albano bought the contract of Patterson from the Grand Wizard, a move that Patterson was upset about due to his hatred of Albano.  During a six man tag match, Patterson was jumped by Albano and the Samoans which cemented Patterson's face turn.

Spiros Arion - After growing frustration with Jay Strongbow, which included Strongbow costing him a DQ loss against Killer Kowalski, Arion turned on Strongbow during a TV match with the Valiants. Bruno Sammartino rushed the ring to aid Strongbow, which resulted in him getting a beatdown by Arion.  Arion cemented the turn in the next couple of weeks by shredding the Chief's headress and stuffing the feathers in Strongbow's mouth