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 Posted: Mon Apr 4th, 2016 11:29 pm
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tamalie wrote: In addition to the seating bowl, AT&T Stadium has what it calls Party Plazas outside the stadium. These plazas have giants screens and stadium concessions and require a paid ticket for admission. So whether it's WrestleMania, the Cowboys, big concerts like George Strait or international soccer matches, AT&T Stadium counts the plaza fans in the total. It's ridiculous. Those fans aren't in the stadium itself and in fact could be anywhere. It would be like claiming the attendance for WrestleMania in 1985 was 500,000 by combining the MSG total with all the closed circuit TV venue crowds. My guess is they had 85,000 in the house and another 8,000 on the Party Plaza or the armrests were removed to get everyone indoors.

Yeah, that sounds like a numbers joke.  The question is, were there actually more paying customers for this than Wrestlemania 3?  I always heard Wrestlemania 3 was 87,000+.  So if this was closer to 85,000 then there is some serious garbage here lol.

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