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 Posted: Tue Apr 5th, 2016 11:05 pm
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Ok, so it was the booking that everyone seems to have a problem with...

Jericho/Styles...Jericho hadn't beaten Styles at all before that match. I get that people wanted Styles to go over, but it's not insane that he didn't either.

I don't get the McMahon/Taker ending either, at least, not a clean win. I expected some sort of interference. But it seemed like they didn't even care about the big stipulation.

I thought Lesnar/Ambrose went exactly as planned. Ambrose comes out looking like the sympathetic face that won't give up. Got his ass whipped around for 20 minutes.

6 man tag match, heels got the win. But the post match stuff was the WM "moment". Fans upset that New Day lost didn't care. Hasn't this been going on for decades?

I just don't get the hate. It wasn't a crazy awesome show. But that had more to do with the match choices for me, as I don't care for LoN at all (waste of Rusev)and I would've gone with Zayne vs. Owens for IC title and had the ladder match for US title (like rossi mentioned).

But everyone worked hard and did their best to put on a good show.

Haters just want to hate.

My son's best friend went, and he and his Dad came over last night and said that the boos for Reigns were loud, but that they were definitely outdone by the cheers when he won.