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 Posted: Tue Apr 12th, 2016 03:28 am
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beejmi wrote: tamalie wrote: Could Waldo have not wanted to leave the Northeast after a while? He and Bruno had a match at MSG in 1976 that sadly isn't online anywhere right now. It was a great, all action brawl that became the go to match for MSG Spotlight if WOR-9 had time to fill after a Mets game.
You are correct sir!

I really don't remember Waldo very well but definitely a notch down from Patera, Graham, Koloff, Hansen in my eyes as someone likely to take the belt

I think I disagree with you beej.  I think Von Erich had the package to be a potential champion, but something seemed to hold him back.  He was a controlled maniac.  No nonsense and sadistic.  Physically fit and seemed to work well in the ring. 

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