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 Posted: Mon May 30th, 2016 08:28 pm
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Okay, my turn

One day, two gay lovers, Biff and Skip, are walking along the beech. Biff sees a bottle and picks it up. A genie popped out of the bottle and told Biff that he only has one wish and he should use it wisely.

Later that evening, Biff and Skip are having a romantic dinner. They decide to retire to the bedroom where they start getting hot and heavy.

Biff and Skip are interrupted when they hear their door kicked in. To their shock, they notice three KKK members in their house. The KKK drag Skip out of the house and to the nearest tree. They wrap a noose around Skip's neck. Skip is now pleading with Biff to use the one wish. Biff told Skip that he did. He wished that Skip was hung like a black man.