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 Posted: Wed Jun 1st, 2016 06:09 am
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srossi wrote: Maybe someone can post their 2 or 3 biggest hits so us dumb Americans have some idea what we're talking about.  Wikipedia lists them as being everything from alternative to country so I have no idea what they sound like.

A quick look at shows that on their last tour, they were playing arenas throughout Canada but were relegated mostly to the different House of Blues venues throughout the U.S.  Capacity for those venues is between 800-2,000, depending on city.

Sometimes Canada does its own thing with who it likes musically, just like big acts in foreign countries that are huge at home but have little following anywhere else.
This is a big deal to canadian music fans, Rossi. Be as glib about it as you choose, but not every musical icon another country has as its own needs to be validated as liked by America to be a big deal.
Gord Downie is a big deal here.