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 Posted: Thu Aug 11th, 2016 06:01 pm
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yellowdog wrote: Ever notice how the argument about cops is similar to the argument about Muslims? They're all bad... not they aren't... yes they are... no...
For me, there's a clear difference.  I suppose it depends how you define "bad" as I think anyone who identifies too strongly with any religion is an asshole because there are certain horrible concepts that you have to accept to be in the club, and for Muslims it's worse than most.  But that said, you can still be entirely non-threatening to society as a devout Muslim even if you believe most of that wacked out shit. 

With a cop, even if you're not killing and violating rights at every turn, you HAVE to, as a condition of employment, cover for those who do.  That's an entirely different story which is why I don't buy into the "few bad apples" theory.  If you rat, you're no longer a cop, at least not for long.  So by definition, cops are criminals.  If any regular citizen is convicted of covering up a murder, home invasion, robbery, etc., we go to jail too.  Cops get a promotion for doing the same, or at least get to keep their hefty pensions so they can feed their drinking habit well into their senior years. 

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