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 Posted: Mon Aug 15th, 2016 05:39 pm
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BlueThunder wrote: srossi wrote: BlueThunder wrote: Great news for the cop haters. 100 people have been shot since this month. Isn't a non-confrontational police force great?
Oh stop.  Even at their best, cops rarely prevent shootings, they just make an arrest after the shooting.  At their worst, which is what we usually see, they escalate violence and create more shootings.  This "non-confrontational" police force narrative that you're trying to spread, based on one pussy friend that you have, is a myth.  There's no evidence that the police have changed tactics at all.

Oh, and it isn't just "one pussy" that's de policing, it's pretty much every cop I know.

Well I'm not reading the NY Post article because I'd lose brain cells and I assume you're just lightening the mood by including that as a serious "reference" and want me to rebut it by citing the Weekly World News.  But the NY Times article you posted a link to merely talks about an uptick in homicides and literally begins with the words "Experts cannot agree".  Surprsie, surprise, the "YouTube effect" theory is credited to Commissioner Bratton and the "Fergusen effect" is a term coined by a St. Louis police chief. 

In the very article you cite as proof, it says, "The agency’s director, James Comey, has linked rising crime to less aggressive policing — the “viral video effect,” he called it this week, rejecting the more racially charged “Ferguson effect.” His theory, however, found little support from the White House, law enforcement groups, criminologists or even the group that gave him the new data on Friday."

Alrighty then.  So someone with an agenda talked out of his ass and everyone laughed at him, even law enforcement groups.  And even that guy rejected the "Fergusen effect" at least.  And all this is in the article YOU provided me.  I could've linked you to that article to prove my point actually. 

You're searching for a correlation that doesn't exist, especially when you consider that crime was on the rise, especially in Chicago, long before Fergusen.  This is like the reverse of the "broken windows theory", which has repeatedly been disproven by actual data which shows that crime was plummeting long before Rudy was ever elected, nationally, in NY, everywhere, but he loves to take credit for it.     

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