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 Posted: Wed Aug 17th, 2016 03:03 am
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WongLee wrote: srossi wrote: Franchise wrote: why can't the officers do a little work before pulling the gun? Talk to the guy and find out it's a rental, maybe call the rental place, I'm sure they have someone on call. Why not let the dad stay in the car? If the officer was worried about him running how about he just takes the keys while he looks into this? That way the father can sit with his daughter. The police need all the help they can get to clean up their image and stuff like this doesnt help.
Because the cops have one job and one job only and that's to not get shot, even in the most unlikeliest of scenarios.  They're lives are worth more than everyone else's.  If they have to murder a family of 12 and their dogs because there's a 0.5% chance they might be killed, they'll do it.  Even though they signed up for the lifestyle and we didn't.  
Cops are slightly more intelligent than hobo ejaculate. They do not possess the brainpower to understand whatever scenario is unfolding in front of them so they go right into primal mode. The police departments want people with barely average IQ's that will blindly follow orders. If you bring a high IQ and deductive reasoning to the table, the police do not want you. I mean really. They do not want you.

It's the same line of thinking as the military, but that makes more sense since military kids are meant to be sent to slaughter. Cops actually need to think occasionally. 

This thread was great before AA ruined it.