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 Posted: Wed Aug 17th, 2016 05:22 pm
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HBF wrote: I haven't read through the entire highjinx of this thread, but is anybody here supporting the notion that the black police officer who shot the black criminal who was pulling a gun in Milwaukee was acting in an aggressive and racist manner?  Because that's what CNN wants people to think, even excluding the criminal/victim's sister's suggestion to "go burn down the suburbs". 

It's fucking insanity.

I didn't see any video (if it exists) so I have no idea.  People need to stop with the racism bullshit though.  It's a power play, pure and simple, an act of state-sponsored aggression to assert control.  It has nothing to do with the race of the cop.  He's one of them, and wants to take out who he perceives as thugs as much as any white cop does.  Maybe moreso, because he might come from those neighborhoods and knows that those thugs are him without the badge.  Prison guards are the same way, even worse.  Mostly lowlifes with low histories of being around crime (if not directly involved in it) who love the power of a little authority and use it like a high school bully does.  The race of the authority figure is completely irrelevant, and although I would never pretend that blacks don't get targeted more than whites by cops, the race of the so-called perpetrator rarely has anything to do with it either.  Cops assert authority and they do it violently.  Period.  Black Lives Matter need to start getting more inclusive (and yes, stop being so fucking racist themselves) and reach out to the thousands of people of all colors and races who have been victimized.  Nothing changes as long as it's black vs. white.  The cops are all laughing at them by alienating so many.  They know there will never be real repercussions that way.   

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.