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This is all I have, and I think some of these are not PPPW (or World Pacific which I believe it eventually turned into).  I'll have to dig through my magazines, and see if there are any more.   Pretty sure the 11/13/88 - 11/15/88 cards are a different promotion.

6/25/87 Honolulu
Robert Toronto and The Hawaiian Dream Warrior d. The Fugala'au and Mighty Milo
The Wave d. Coco Rock
Joe Solo d. Crazy Tau DQ
The Warlord d. Samoan Joe
Kini Popo #1 d. Fred Taylor
Billy Anderson and Tim Patterson d. Leroy Brown and Farmer Boy Ipo
Prince Kamalamala and Kini Popo #1 d. Tepatasi and Superfly Tui
Mark Lewin d. Wayne Hart
12/16/87 Honolulu - World Pacific
Mighty MIlo and Teufugalaau d. Jumping Solo and Loleni Solo
Coconut Willie d. Little Kevin
Eva Savage d. Miss Pacific Excitement
Robert Toronto d. Kini Popo I
Farmer Boy Ipi and Leroy Brown d. The Hawaiian Dream Warriors
Hiro Sasaki d. Wildman Austin
Tim Patterson and Billy Anderson d. Superfly Tui and Masina Tepatsi
Rocky Johnson d. Kamala-mala
Chris Adams d. Buddy Roberts
5/17/88 Honolulu
Mighty Milo and Mighty Tao won the Polynesian Pacific TTC: (or World Pacific TTC:)
5/23/88 Honolulu, HI - Blaisdell Arena
Sivi Afi vs Lars Anderson
Mark Lewin vs King Kamaka
Susan Green vs Diamond Fanene
The Mongolians vs Steve Rickard and Farmer Boy Ipo
Coconut Willie and Roy Starr vs Little Kevin and Ripper Collins
6/19/88 Honolulu, HI
Mark Lewin vs Kensuke Sasaki
Wakayama @ Hilo, HI – November 13, 1988
Tommy Rich battled Danny Spivey to a DDQ
Dick Slater d. Mark Starr
Johnny Ace & The Terminator d. Mike Graham & Steve Keirn
Dory & Terry Funk battled Terry Gordy & Stan Hansen to a double countout
Wakayama @ Maui, HI – November 14, 1988
Stan Hansen d. Moose Morowski
Dory & Terry Funk d. Johnny Ace & The Terminator
11/15/88 Honolulu
Mike Graham d. Brett Sawyer
Johnny Ace and The Terminator d. Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags
Jerry Blackwell won BR
Scotty the Body d. Mark Starr
Stan Hansen and Terry Gordy d. Michael Hayes and Tommy Rich
The Great Kabuki d. Steve Keirn
Terry Funk and Dory Funk, Jr. DDQ Danny Spivey and Dick Slater

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