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 Posted: Wed Sep 14th, 2016 01:11 am
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this is what I have for 11/19/86, but don't know which one is correct..

11/19/86 Honolulu - Hawaii International or PPPW???
Junior Maivia drew Ritchie Magnett
Kini Popo #2 NC Johnny SOlo
Tony Anthony d. The Medic
Sgt. Ike and Superfly Tui d. Kini Popo #1 and #2
Bill Toronto d. Rasputin by DQ

11/19/86 Honolulu - Blaisdell Arena (maybe an alternate listing of above)
Bruiser Brody vs The Sheik
Robert Fuller and Grizzly Smith vs Kevin Sullivan and Mark Lewin
Uncle Elmer, Superfly Tui, and The Mystery Lady (Debbie Combs?) vs Jerry Lawler, Kini Popo I, and The Fallen Angel
Farmer Boy Ipo vs The Medic of Mayhem
Prince Kamalamala vs Magic Ninja
Ritchie Magnett vs Mr. B
Robert Toronto vs Vicious Madness
Junior Maivia vs Chief Attakulla
Leroy Brown vs Joe Soto
Sgt. Ike Park vs Kini Popo II