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 Posted: Thu Sep 15th, 2016 07:36 pm
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Found it...I think..was in the June 1987 PWI (The one with Magnum TA on the cover in the hospital)  Not sure of the date.  Need to check my Inside Wrestling Magazines to see if they have it, but I'm thinking it was sometime in January 1987, or early February.

Superfly Tui won $25,000 and the World Pacific Heavyweight Title by climbing a 30 foot - 20 man Battle Royal
Adrian Street d. Mr. B
Bruiser Brody and Superfly Tui d. Kevin Sullivan and Mark Lewin
Tor Kamata and Hiro Sasaki d. The Strong Machine I and The Strong Machine II
The Samoan Connection (Farmer Boy Ipo and Leroy Brown) d. Dusty Wolfe and Alex Knight
Debbie Combs d. Donna Day
The Medic d. Miro
Joe Solo DREW Robert Toronto

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