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 Posted: Thu Oct 27th, 2016 12:49 am
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With the Cleveland Indians back in the World Series, the contentious Chief Wahoo logo has returned to the national spotlight, and MLB commissioner Rob Manfred indicated Tuesday he and team owner Larry Dolan will meet after the Fall Classic to discuss what to do about the problematic caricature.

"Well, I understand that particular logo is offensive to some people, and I understand why," Manfred said during an appearance on ESPN's Mike and Mike Show. "On the other side of the coin, you have a lot of fans that have history and are invested in the symbols of the Indians. I think that after the World Series, at an appropriate point in time, Mr. (Larry) Dolan and I have agreed we'll have a conversation about what should happen with that particular logo going forward."

Criticism of the logo has permeated social media throughout Cleveland's postseason run, and protesters gathered outside Progressive Field on Tuesday to decry the Indians' continued use of the Chief Wahoo logo.

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During the club's American League Championship Series showdown with the Blue Jays, an Ontario activist pleaded in court to bar the Indians from using their logo and nickname in Toronto, his lawyer arguing that they evoke "the racism that lies beneath the surface in the relationship between the dominant society and the indigenous peoples." The injunction was denied and the league defended Cleveland's right to use the name, but noted in its statement that "thoughtful and inclusive dialogue to address these concerns outside the context of litigation" is welcome.

In April, the Indians publicly announced plans to move away from Chief Wahoo, opting for the block 'C' as their primary mark, but the club has worn hats emblazoned with the Chief Wahoo logo for all nine of its postseason games in 2016.