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 Posted: Sat Nov 5th, 2016 07:01 pm
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Angelic Assassin wrote: chrob61 wrote: Wow- was watching my Dead Wings lose another one, this time vs. the Jets, when I heard the out of town scoreboard- 8-0 Columbus beating Montreal....WOW, I went to my computer this morning to find the final was 10-0!!

I feel bad for that backup Montoya, looks like he didn't get any support at all!
Was watching my Jets beat your Dead Wings(odd goals in that game) and was periodically flipping back and forth between that and the Habs game and stopped after the first few goals as it just looked awful.

Saw the highlights(or lowlights if you will, afterwards) and from what I saw and read on a Habs discussion board the players should be ashamed for basically abandoning Montoya like that.   I get that the Habs have a back to back and Price will play tonight at home but at the very least Montoya should have been pulled for the third period.  He'll be damaged goods for the next while and if something happens to Price again the Habs will be fucked.  

I'm thinking back to that final Patrick Roy game with the Habs vs. the Red Wings, how they left him hang out to dry.....