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 Posted: Fri Nov 11th, 2016 08:23 am
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Tim Tassler has been researching Indiana newspapers and he found these.
Champaign, ILCentennial High SchoolAugust 29, 1975
Bruiser, Moose Cholak & Paul Christy vs Ox Baker & Legioanairres Goulet & LeBoeff   Chuck O'Connor (later becomes Big John Studd) vs Art Thomas   Raul Guzman vs Johnny Starr   Mike Snyder vs Steve Regal

Charlottesville, INEast Hancock HSOctober 29, 1976
Bruiser & Ox Baker vs The Strangler & Johnny Starr  Steve Regal vs Jackie Ruffin  Bobby Bold Eagle vs LaPantera   Lucille Dupree vs Chita Rivera

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