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 Posted: Sat Nov 19th, 2016 03:00 am
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An injury to captain Steven Stamkos doesn't have general manager Steve Yzerman scrambling to make a deal.

The team confirmed on Thursday that Stamkos will miss approximately four months with a torn meniscus and while the team could open up a large amount of cap space if they decide to place Stamkos on long-term injured reserve, general manager Steve Yzerman doesn't feel bringing in a high-end player to replace Stamkos is quite feasible.

"At this time, it's not realistic to think I can go out and acquire (someone)," Yzerman said, according to Joe Smith of the Tampa Bay Times. "Even if I could acquire a player with a significant cap number, I'd have to be scrambling when Stammer came back. So let's wait and see for time being.

"I'm certainly open to exploring anything."

In the meantime, Yzerman admits that he would rather weather the storm with the team he has and give other players a chance to prove themselves in a bigger role.

"We're significantly a better team with Stammer in the lineup than without," Yzerman said. "But in the past we've been able to overcome injuries to various players and still remain competitive and reached the playoffs. We've been fortunate players have stepped in and given an increased role, regardless of who's been out, and have done the job for us. We expect and hope that the guys who are in the lineup can handle the added workload."

This is not unfamiliar territory for the Lightning. During the 2013-14 season Stamkos was limited to just 37 games after breaking his tibia. In his absence the Lightning still managed to finish second in the Atlantic Division with 101 points. Last season, the Lightning reached Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Final with Stamkos MIA for much of the season while suffering from blood clots.