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 Posted: Sat Nov 26th, 2016 09:06 pm
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My brother owned a bar that used to be a funeral home.
I personally never saw or felt anything in there but he swears some of the stuff was as real as hell and scared the crap out of him. Always after hours it seemed when only he or he with a few people were in there. It's the same bar where Claw and the rest of the wrestling guys brought in Ox, Baron and Mad Dog.
The last night when they were closing he saw something that he couldn't describe. It was in some kind of human form and just kept coming at him til it finally went through him. He said he was cold for an hour after that. Guys used to tell him he was drinking and all and though he will admit to having a few too many sometimes he swears he wasn't kidding around.
There were some things on You Tube when ghost people came in to investigate. Not sure if they're still on there.