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 Posted: Sun Nov 27th, 2016 04:17 am
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There are a few locations in my hometown of Winnipeg that are reputed to be haunted the most famous being The Hotel Fort Garry and room 202.

Over the years though I never stayed in the hotel obviously we had been there for functions and up to people's rooms and during the years when there was a casino inside the hotel and I can remember feeling kind of creeped out on certain occasions I was there and not being really sure why.

Years ago when I was married and we were living in Windsor Park the cemetery where my maternal grandmother and a couple uncles are buried was close by and I'd frequently walk over and visit.

On one occasion while walking our black lab Midnite I decided to swing by the cemetery and pay respects.  When we got on the cemetery grounds and I went to where my grandmother is buried and as we got closer to her monument Midnite started freaking out for lack of a better way of putting it.  She started shaking and kind of mewling and the occasional growl and she was tugging on her leash something fierce in the opposite direction.  I would carry her leash and put it on in certain circumstances such as this particular one since I didn't want her running around and deciding that was a good place to drop a load and had she not been on the leash I'm sure she would have hightailed home on her own.  She was never a skittish dog so I waited about a week and took her for a walk and again tried the cemetery visit.  Same reaction.  Never took here by there again.   A friend told me she was sensing the spirits of the deceased. 

I have this mammoth book that I believe was a gift called Ghosts-True Encounters with the World Beyond written by Hans Holzer.  I know I read a fair bit of it over time but not all of it as it's near 800 pages and big enough and heavy enough to kill small animals or midgets with and is a little awkward to read due to its weight and size but I may endeavour to reread some of it.    

This thread was great till Rossi posted that AA ruined it.

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