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 Posted: Mon Nov 28th, 2016 07:11 pm
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I go either way on this. Sometimes reason takes over and I'm like "yeah, RIGHT..." but then I hear stuff from friends and people that make me think differently. My wife used to work for a home healthcare place in Lenoir NC, she did the billing and their office there was in an OLD house. Tammy told me nonchalantly one day "There's a ghost in that house you know." and I'm like "ok, whatever..ugh.." and she proceeds to tell me the first week she started there they warned her, years ago like late 1800's there was a fire in the attic part of the house, a little girl that lived there died and she supposedly haunted that house to this day. That's such a typical "ooooooh, ghosttt story" cliche but she said "I believe it. Stuff happens in there when I'm alone that can't be explained. The copier will out of the blue make blank copies. Stuff will knock around. The radio came on once in the kitchen area and I was the only one in the house. I just said "Look little girl, it's just you and me, let's get along" and I haven't gotten scared since".

I really thought my wife was just full of it, I mean, I believed SHE believed it but come on. Then I googled NC ghost stores once and there it was, someone had reported on that ghost before, Mulberry Home Health, ghost of a little girl haunts the house. I believe her now. WHen I used to go in that place it gave me the creeps even before I knew about the ghost because it was a creepy old house anyway..

Also, I took a picture 15 years ago and it may be a ghost in the pic, I don't know, let me find the pic and you can see it, I'll tell the story..

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