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 Posted: Mon Nov 28th, 2016 07:41 pm
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OK, this is the church:
My best friend Doug lives about 15 min from this church, near the NC/Tenn state line. He told me about that church back in the 90's. The story he'd heard his entire life was 100 years ago the pastor at that church had an affair with a young girl in the church. When the people found out about it, out of shame he hung himself from the beam that runs across the church, directly above where the pulpit was. He was buried in the cemetery there, but his headstone is facing right looking at the church in a separate area all by itself. There IS a headstone there that fits that rumor, it's off by itself, I took a picture of it then too but I can't find it. Anyway, he was apparently buried facing the church so he would always have to see the bad stuff he did (as the story goes). 
Anyway, the church is like a historical place now, it's open on the weekends, you can drive up and go into it and tour the grounds. Around 2000 my wife, Doug and myself went up there. I had one of those (early) Sony Cybershot digital cameras, I think it was 2 megapixel. I was snapping pics in the church. Doug was standing in the doorway reading up on some information they have posted at the door. I thought that was a good pic so I snapped it. Now, I'm standing underneath the beam where the pastor supposedly hung himself...
So that evening we go back to our friend's mountain house we were staying at and download the pics to my laptop and start going through them and come up on this picture:

Now, there was no strap on the camera, I had on a short-sleeved shirt, had no bracelet or anything..there was nothing, NOTHING that could have fell in front of the camera there and blocked part of the picture causing that thing in the corner..the thing int he corner that looks like x-rayed feet..under a beam where someone supposedly hung himself.  I can't say what that is but the church we were in, the stories we'd heard (some deny it and say he died of cancer or something)...just makes for a good pic and story if nothing else..

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