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Here are a few new ones

March 21, 1987- Willard, Missouri
Williard High School Gymnasium
Ken Massey vs. Mike Boyette
Jeff Raitz vs. Gary Young
Super Ninja vs. Sam Houston
Chavo Guerrero beat Buddy Roberts
Michael Hayes and Sunshine vs. Missing Link and Dark Journey
Sam Houston won a Battle Royal

April 7, 1987- Sparta, Illinois (7:30 PM)
Sponsored by the Sparta Wrestling Club
Sparta High School Gymnasium
Sam Houston vs. Iceman King Parsons (Draw)
Missing Link beat The Viking by pin
Buddy Roberts and Michael Hayes beat Angel of Death and Wild Bill Irwin by pin
Chris Adams and Terry Taylor (UWF Tag Team Champions) beat Sting and Rick Steiner by pin
One Man Gang vs. Terry Gordy (DCOR)

June 27, 1987- Little Rock, Arkansas
Barton Coliseum
Buddy Roberts vs. Shaska Whatley
Brad Armstrong and Tim Horner vs. Angel of Death and Black Bart
Chris Adams and Sting vs. Terry Taylor and Rick Steiner
Michael Hayes vs. Big Bubba Rogers
Terry Gordy and Steve Williams vs. Dick Murdoch and Eddie Gilbert
Plus 2 other matches

July 15, 1987- Little Rock, Arkansas
Barton Coliseum
Rock and Roll Express vs. Midnight Express (From the results posted Barry Windham subbed for Ricky Morton)
Chris Adams and Sting vs. Black Bart and Eddie Gilbert
(Texas Barbed Wire Cage Match-Lights Out) Steve Williams vs. Dick Murdoch with Eddie Gilbert
Plus matches involving the Fabulous Freebirds, Steve Cox, Shane Douglas, Ivan Koloff, The Terminator, Shaska Whatley, Barry Windham and Gary Young

September 7, 1987- Dogpatch, Arkansas (2:00 PM)
Dogpatch USA Theme Park
Steve Cox vs. Gary Young
Buddy Roberts vs. The Terminator
Ron Simmons vs. Rick Steiner
Shane Douglas (UWF TV Champion) vs. Black Bart
Pole Battle Royal for $10,000 involving all the wrestlers appearing on the card

September 22, 1987- Springfield, Missouri (8:00 PM)
Universal Wrestling Federation
Ozark Empire Fairgrounds Arena
(Texas Death Match) Terry Taylor vs. Chris Adams
(First Blood Cage Match) Buddy Roberts, Shane Douglas, Michael Hayes and Sing vs. Skandor Akbar, Eddie Gilbert, Rick Steiner and The Terminator
Plus other matches

Plus some additional info/corrections

March 9, 1987- Kansas City, Missouri @ Independence Arena
-I don’t think the Independence Arena was around in 1987

March 26, 1987- Stockton, California @ Memorial Civic Auditorium

March 27, 1987- Los Angeles, California @ Grand Olympic Auditorium

April 20, 1987- St. Louis, Missouri @ St. Louis Arena not the Kiel Auditorium according to the ad in the newspaper

April 22, 1987- Springfield, Missouri @ McDonald Arena
-Covered in the Springfield newspaper. Event was on the 22nd not the 23rd

June 15, 1987- Springfield, Missouri @ Ozark Empire Fairgrounds Arena

August 7, 1987- Springfield, Missouri (2:00 PM)
-There were 2 different shows on this date. They were held at the Grandstand at the Ozark Empire Fair ’87. The first show was at 2pm and the second show was at 8pm

September 12, 1987- St. Louis, Missouri @ St. Louis Arena not the Kiel Auditorium