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Wednesday - November 25 1981 - TV Tapings
Paul Orndorff pinned Tony Charles after a Suplex
North American Champ Ted Dibiase pinned Ed Wiskowski in a Non Title Match
Mississippi Champ Bob Orton Jr pinned Jim Garvin after a Piledriver
Terry Orndorff beat The Junkyard Dog by DQ
The Iron Shiek pinned King Cobra
Brian Blair and Frank Monte fought The Monk and Jerry Novak to a Time Limit Draw
Brian Blair pinned The Monk with a Rollup
King Cobra pinned Tom Renesto Jr
Ed Wiskowski pinned Jim Garvin
The Junkyard Dog and Mike George beat Jerry Novak and Aaron Hoult
The Iron Shiek pinned Buddy Ryan after a Belly to back suplex
Tony Charles and Barbie Doll beat Ricky Ferrara and Diamond Lil
North American Champ Ted Dibiase fought Paul Orndorff to a Time Limit Draw in a Non Title Match

Skandor Akbar and Ernie Ladd appeared on the show as well

Wednesday - December 9 1981 - TV Tapings
Brian Blair beat Tom Renesto Jr with the Figure Four Leglock
Paul Ellering pinned Don Serrano after a Neckbreaker
Louisiana Champ Junkyard Dog pinned Mike Boyer with a Powerslam
Paul Orndorff and Bob Orton Jr beat The Monk and Carlos Zapata when Paul made The Monk submit to the Figure Four Leglock
Bob Roop pinned Mike George
Ed Wiskowski pinned Mike Bond
The Iron Shiek pinned Frank Monte after a Belly to back Suplex
Paul Ellering challenged The Iron Shiek to His Persian Club Lift. The Shiek and Skandor Akbar attacked Ellering while he was doing it.
Mike George and Carlos Zapata beat Jerry Novak and Ricky Ferrara
Paul Orndorff beat Brian Blair with the Reverse Figure Four Leglock
North American Champ Ted Dibiase pinned Mike Boyer
Bob Orton Jr and Bob Roop beat Frank Monte and Mike Bond
Ed Wiskoswki pinned Tom Renesto Jr
The Iron Shiek vs Don Serrano had no ending when Ellering attacked The Iron Shiek