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Wednesday - August 17 1983 - TV Tapings
Magnum TA and Steve Williams beat Boris Zurkhov and Rip Rogers when TA pinned Rogers with the Belly to Belly Suplex
Jim Duggan beat Butch Reed by DQ when Kamala interfered and attacked Duggan
Ted Dibiase and King Kong Bundy beat Mr.Wrestling 2 and Tim Horner
The Missing Link pinned Johnny Rich
The Junkyard Dog pinned Mike Mghee with a Powerslam
Krusher Darsow beat Art Crews by submission with a Backbreaker
Mike Jackson and Joshua Stroud beat Doug Vines and Randy Barber
Jim Duggan pinned Boris Zurkhov
Kamala pinned Randy Barber after a Splash
North American Champ Butch Reed pinned Joshua Stroud
Magnum TA and Steve Williams beat Ted Dibiase and King Kong Bundy when TA pinned Dibiase after Duggan hit Ted with Brass Knuckles
The Missing Link pinned Mike Jackson
Krusher Darsow beat Tim Horner by submission with The Backbreaker
Johnny Rich, Art Crews,George Weingroff beat Rip Rogers, Mike Mghee, Doug Vines

Skandor Akbar appeared on the show as well

Wednesday - November 23 1983 - TV Tapings
Nikolai Volkoff pinned Joshua Stroud
Jim Neidhart pinned Tony Torres
North American Champ The Junkyard Dog pinned Tonga (The Barbarian) with a Powerslam
The Midnight Express beat Rick Rood and Mike Jackson
Steve Williams beat Frank Levert with a Powerslam
Magnum TA and Lanny Poffo beat Doug Vines and Carl Fergie
Jim Duggan pinned Larry Higgins
Krusher Darsow beat Doug Vines by submission with The Backbreaker
Nikolai Volkoff pinned Steve Williams after Darsow attacked Williams outside the ring
The Midnight Express beat Lanny Poffo and Joshua Stroud
Magnum TA pinned Frank Levert
Mr.Wrestling 2 pinned The Missing Link after a Kneelift
Jim Duggan pinned Tom Lentz
Rick Rood and Mike Jackson fought Tonga and Carl Fergie to a time Limit draw

Butch Reed and Jim Cornette appeared on the show as well...

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