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 Posted: Fri Oct 31st, 2008 02:26 am
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HBF wrote: I agree with Wong.  However, didn't somebody once say that a full MSG show aired live on Channel 9 in the 1960's?  Maybe 1966?  I wasn't even born then but it would be interesting if that was ever shown.

The show aired in Chicago too on WFLD channel 32. Details from KM,

"12/12/66 Att. 12,029.
Sammartino over Tank Morgan, 2 straight.
Brazil, Apollo, Pugliese over Bill Miller, Ortega, Scicluna. It was 3/5 falls, I think it went 4 with a dq. of the heels somewhere along the line.
Crazy Luke Graham over Louie Cerdan.
Arion beat Sloan.
Sheik beat Sexton.
Hussein pinned Nero.*
Savoldi over Gonzalez.*
Brower over Perez.*
*not televised, IIRC.  "

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