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 Posted: Tue Dec 6th, 2016 11:37 pm
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Wednesday - October 26 1983 - TV Tapings
Junkyard Dog pinned Butch Reed to become the New North American Champ (Dusty Rhodes was special ref)
Magnum TA pinned The Missing Link after a Belly to Belly Suplex
Nicolai Volkoff pinned Jerry Oates
Iceman Parsons pinned Tom Stanton
Jim Neidhart and Bobby Duncum beat Marty Oates and Mike Bond when Neidhart pinned Bond
King Cobra pinned Doug Vines
Dusty Rhodes and Jim Duggan beat Mid South Tag Champs Butch Reed and Jim Neidhart by DQ when Nicolai Volkoff attacked Dusty Rhodes
North American Champ Junkyard Dog pinned Bobby Duncum with a Powerslam
Nicolai Volkoff pinned King Cobra after a Double Underhook Suplex. After the match Butch Reed attacked Cobra and painted a yellow stripe down his back. JYD came to his rescue
Nicolai Volkoff came out for a interview and was attacked by Dusty Rhodes
Lanny Poffo pinned Tom Stanton
Iceman Parsons pinned The Missing Link

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